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 "Few, if any, editors could be more knowledgeable and professional than Ms. Frank." 
 - Dr. Lulu Zhou 

Lulu Zhou review

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 "If you are an aspiring or experienced author, I would highly recommend Carlee's services. She provides first class representation and guidance." 
 - Elvage G. Murpy 

Elvage Murphy review
My Debt to You
 What does ēmendātum mean? 
  Pronounciation: eh·men·da·toom ​

 1. a Latin word meaning amended, improved, or corrected 


 This name encapsulates the goals of editing, and, as a non-English word, strives to promote inclusivity for people whose first language is not English. 

a safe space

for every level

emendatum arrow

of writing

 "Carlee does excellent work as an editor and as a publicist. She really digs in, figures out what needs to be done..." 
 - Brad Rouse 

Brad Rouse review
Climate Warrior

 "Last but not the least, my work was published in a journal in the humanitarian field, which encourages a more literary and artistic touch in your writing. My writing would not be that natural without Carlee’s extremely helpful polishing services!" 
 - Dr. Stella Qu 

This is a review by my client named Dr. Stella Qu (or Shuwen Qu).
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