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 Terms and Policies 

Find my terms & conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer below.

Terms & Conditions

Projects submitted to Carlee J. Frank (d.b.a. ēmendātum) by a client are said client’s intellectual property. Any edits, changes, or ideas suggested to the client by ēmendātum are (after payment is received by ēmendātum) also the intellectual property of the client. ēmendātum is not responsible for plagiarism committed by the client. ēmendātum does not provide plagiarism checks. However, if plagiarism is perceived by ēmendātum, then services will be ended. 

ēmendātum does not and will not guarantee any measure of success of a client’s project (anything submitted to ēmendātum for services) whether in sales, recognition, awards, acceptance into a program, market share, market infiltration, or any other measure of success.

Edits and the editing process of ēmendātum are not to be shared by client's in any form. The final product—in which edits have been incorporated by the client—is shareable by the client in any way or format. ēmendātum pricing cannot be shared with anyone, in any way. Stating ēmendātum as the editor is allowed. ēmendātum is allowed to publically cite the client as a client, unless otherwise stated.

Payment will be made to ēmendātum within three days of invoice, or a late fee will be issued. The chosen form of payment will be agreed upon by both parties before editing begins. Refunds are not allowed.


ēmendātum is providing a service, information, advice, and a product to the client. The client cannot micromanage the product, service, advice, or support within the knowledge, domain, and skill of ēmendātum to get a refund.

Privacy Policy

Data collected is willingly given by clients (e.g., name, email address and message) on the Contact page or via email. This data will not be shared with any outside party, nor sold. The data will be kept for the life of the client to editor relationship, or for one year. Reviews and recommendations willingly given via the ēmendātum website, email, texting, letters, verbally, etc. by the client are usable by ēmendātum in any way.


I have the right to not work with you for any reason, without a detailed explanation. If the editing process has begun and I must end services, you will be informed. I am not required to use your review or recommendation on my website or anywhere else. I am not required to advertise your project on my website or anywhere else. I will not work with individuals under the age of 18. 

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