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  Editing Services  

 Editing services are available for academic research journals, book manuscripts, statements of purpose, articles and short-form creative pieces.

Contact me if your project is not listed. 

 If you're still unsure of what type of editing you need after reading the descriptions below, then visit the How it Works page for more info or email me with questions!

 Types of Editing 

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 Line Editing 

Line editing focuses on readability.


Style, voice and quirks vary from author to author. Line editing ensures that these nuances remain intact but don't hinder readability. Line editing combs through sentence by sentence to improve word usage, sentence structure, overall language and cohesion. 


Proofreading focuses on the final product.

Before publication or submission, proofreading checks to make sure the final product is error-free and acceptable. It takes into account grammar, punctuation and format.

If necessary, I will suggest copy or line editing.


Copyediting focuses on mechanics.

Grammar, punctuation and syntax, as well as AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style, are many writers’ worst enemies, so copyediting does the nitty-gritty fixing for you.

If necessary, I will suggest the further development of ideas or line editing.

 Developmental Editing 

I offer this type of editing only for short-form creative pieces such as short stories, essays, oracle decks, novellas, etc.


Developmental editing focuses on character and plot development, delivery of ideas and themes, order of presentation, plot gaps, trimming of redundancies, etc. You need developmental editing if you are still in the draft phase.

"If developmental editing helps shape a story and copyediting polishes it, line editing is what makes the writing come alive."

— Christina M. Frey

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